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Getting Started with ArborXR
Getting Started with ArborXR

Set up your first device on ArborXR, add XR content to it, and customize its in-headset experience.

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Welcome to ArborXR

We're excited you're getting started with ArborXR. Here we'll cover the basics and take you through getting:

  1. Setting up your first device, so you can remotely manage and monitor it through the ArborXR web portal

  2. Installing your first apps, where you can demo professional apps from trusted enterprise & education XR content developers for free

  3. Customizing your device’s home experience, so you can brand and lock down the headset experience for your users.

So if you have less than 20 minutes, and a device by your side, you'll soon be able to put it on and experience how ArborXR helps companies like yours.

1. Setting Up Your First Device

With ArborXR, enrolling your devices is made simple, and we have an onboarding guide that will take you through the whole process step-by-step. To get to it:

  1. Login to ArborXR

  2. Navigate to Devices & Groups

  3. Click on the Add Your First Device button

Once you click that button, you'll be guided through the rest of the enrollment process.

Once your device is setup and enrolled, no more cables required! Just login and control the device through your ArborXR dashboard.

💡 We also have a variety of other enrolment methods for different device types and needs or use cases. These include enrolment methods like QR Code and Configuration Packages, and you can check them out here.

2. Installing Your First Apps

Now that you've got your first device enrolled into ArborXR, let's get some content onto it!

ArborXR provides Demo Apps for a variety of device types. These are enterprise & education XR experiences created by trusted XR content developers, easily accessible through ArborXR for free.

To install one or more to your device, on ArborXR:

  1. Navigate to Devices & Groups in the side navigation

  2. Find and click on your device within Ungrouped Devices

  3. Click the Content tab on your device's page

  4. Click Add Apps

  5. Select the Demo Apps tab within the Add Apps menu

You can browse the available Demo Apps that are compatible with your devices, and easily select then add them to your device. That's it!

💡 If you have your own XR content ready to try instead, learn how to easily upload and install it.

3. Customizing Your Device's Home Experience

The last step before testing out your device is setting up your Home Experience. ArborXR gives you a variety of ways to lock down and customize what a user can do on your device, including creating a customized branded experience for your organization.

To start customizing your own device environment, in ArborXR:

  1. Navigate to Devices & Groups in the side navigation

  2. Find and click on your device within Ungrouped Devices

  3. Click on the Headset Experience tab

  4. Select ArborXR Home

⚠️ if you don't see ArborXR Home, check here to see if your device is supported.

Here, you can completely customize how the headset operates. We recommend using the ArborXR Lounge customized with your brand colors. To learn about the plethora of customization options and what they do, see here.

Once you're done customizing, make sure to hit Apply Changes.

🎉 You're Ready! 🎉

Your device is now viewable in ArborXR, and if you put it on, you'll see your locked down home environment and will be able to easily try out one of your apps!

That's it, all you have to do is put it on and try it out!

There's a Lot More to Explore

There's a whole lot more to see on ArborXR. Our platform powers organizations and educational institutions of all sizes, and from all industries. Because of this, we've built out a robust set of tools and features to ensure managing XR devices is best on ArborXR.

To learn how to take full advantage of ArborXR, check out our Help Center, and if you have any questions on what's possible, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat or support lines.

If you're looking for more XR content or XR developers, make sure to visit the ArborXR Directory.

Where to go next:

    • Upload apps (.apk and .obb) to ArborXR so they can be deployed to devices

    • You can also learn to upload files, videos, and WebXR links.

    • Learn how to give multiple devices of the same type a consistent experience by utilizing Configuration Groups

    • Learn how to organize Configuration Groups within Nested Groups to fit your organization's unique structure.

    • Add additional users to your organization.

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