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Try XR Content with Demo Apps
Try XR Content with Demo Apps

Experience Demo Apps from leading enterprise and education XR content providers, easily found inside your ArborXR content library.

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What Are Demo Apps?

Finding the right XR content, or content providers, for your organization can be difficult. ArborXR has worked with leading enterprise and education XR content providers to provide demos directly inside your ArborXR content library, so you can try out XR content on your devices almost immediately, without needing your own content to get started.

How to Enable Demo Apps

Enabling Demo Apps is easy! Start by logging in to ArborXR, then follow these steps:

  1. Choose Content Library in the Left Navigation bar

  2. Click the Demo Apps tab

  3. Click Enable

๐Ÿ’ก If you created your organization after September 13th, 2023, Demo Apps will automatically be enabled on your organization.

How to Deploy a Demo App to a Device or Group

Once Demo Apps are enabled, and you've found a demo you want to try on your device(s), you can deploy them to a compatible device or group most easily by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Demo Apps tab in the Content Library

  2. Select via checkbox the specific Demo App(s) you want to deploy

    (make sure to check the device compatibility)

  3. Click Add to Group OR Deploy to Ungrouped Devices

  4. Select the desired group or devices

  5. Click Add or Install

The selected group or devices will now have the demo app.


Can I remove specific demo applications?

Yes, if you only want specific demo applications, you can individually delete others via the Demo Apps tab. Simply check the ones you want to remove, select Edit, and Delete App. Once a Demo App is deleted, you can recover it by disabling and re-enabling Demo Apps.

Can I disable Demo Apps?

Yes, on the Demo Apps tab, click the toggle to disable Demo Apps, and then confirm via the modal that will pop up. When you disable Demo Apps, all Demo Apps will be removed from your content library, and any devices or groups they were installed on or added to.

Can I share Demo Apps with other organizations?

No, for other organizations to try out Demo Apps, they must enable Demo Apps in their own organization's Content Library on the Demo Apps tab.

Can I install specific Demo Apps directly from the ArborXR Directory?

No, the ArborXR Directory will link to the Demo Apps tab, but you'll need to enable them and manually select the specific demo(s) you want when adding them to your devices or groups within ArborXR.

Are Demo Apps updated or changed?

Yes, we expect to change which Demo Apps are available over time.

Will I ever lose a Demo App?

Demo Apps won't always be the same. If you've installed a Demo App that we remove in the future, it will be removed from your devices, groups, and content library.

Are Demo Apps safe?

Yes, ArborXR vets the content provider and tests the Demo Apps to ensure it's safe for your devices, and that the content is of high quality.

Where can I learn more about the XR Content Providers?

To learn more about, or find, top XR Content Providers, visit the ArborXR Directory here.

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