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Install XR Content

Learn how to install XR content on device groups and individual devices.

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Install Content within a Group

  1. Sign in to ArborXR

  2. Choose Groups in the left side navigation menu

  3. Navigate to the desired Group

  4. Select the Content tab

  5. Select the desired content type

  6. Click Add [App/Video/WebXR Links/Files/ArborXR System Apps]

  7. Select your desired content

  8. Click Add to Group

Install Content on an Individual Device

  1. Sign in to your ArborXR Dashboard. The dashboard is your ArborXR control center.

  2. Choose Content Library in the left side navigation menu

  3. Select the content type and then select the content you would like to install

  4. After selecting the content, click Deploy to Ungrouped Devices

  5. Choose the desired device and then click Install
    *Use filters to quickly identify desired devices by device type and tags

Hosting & Storage

Customers have the ability to connect their own cloud storage bucket within ArborXR. This allows customers to isolate their content (apps, videos, & files) from other content on the platform. For more information about configuring and connecting a custom storage bucket, see this article.

Learn how to monitor the status of content deployments in real-time.

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