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Upload Videos to ArborXR
Upload Videos to ArborXR

Steps to upload videos in ArborXR.

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Who can use this feature?

πŸ‘€ Organizations Owners, Admins and Members.
🚩 Available on the Starter, Essential and Enterprise Plans.


With ArborXR's video support you can upload videos, remotely install videos to devices, and configure devices to show videos in ArborXR Home, so users can one-click-launch and play them via ArborXR's native video player.

πŸ’‘ There are no file size restrictions.

Hosting & Storage

ArborXR offers the ability for customers to connect their own cloud storage bucket to isolate their content (apps, videos, & files) from other content on the platform. For more information about configuring and connecting a custom storage bucket, see this article.

Upload Video Files to the Content Library

To upload video files to be used with the native video player:

πŸ’‘ Video formats .mp4, .mkv, and .webm are accepted.

  1. Navigate to Content Library in the side navigation menu.

  2. Click the Add Content button then Video in the dropdown.

  3. A modal will appear. Drag and drop your video file(s) into the dotted box or select Browse to select them manually.

  4. Then click Add.

  5. Your video(s) will begin to upload. You may navigate to other pages within the dashboard as they upload.

Devices & Details Tabs

  • Devices tab: Install Videos to device groups or to ungrouped devices.

    • For more information about device groups, see our articles in the Groups collection.

      πŸ’‘ Videos uploaded to ArborXR and installed to devices are written to /sdcard/ArborXR/videos and are assigned a unique filename. See the screenshot below as an example.

  • Details tab: Modify the Title and Description, assign Tags, and configure Playback Settings.

    • Title: The title of your Video as it will be seen in VR.

    • Description: The description entered in the Description input is user-facing within VR if leveraging ArborXR Home.

    • Tags: Tags are a way for dashboard and ArborXR Home users to filter content. For more information on how you can use this feature, check out our article on Tags.

    • Playback Settings: You can adjust the following criteria to control how your video is displayed within the native video player.

      1. Video Projection Type

      2. Mapping

      3. Display

      4. 3D Settings/ Packing

πŸ’‘ By default the following settings are applied to uploaded videos, as these are the most common settings for 360Β° videos.

  • Video Projection Type: 360Β°

  • Mapping: Equirectangular

  • Display: Monoscopic

  • 3D Settings/Packing: Top-Bottom


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