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How to setup Meta’s ‘First Steps’ app on Quest devices
How to setup Meta’s ‘First Steps’ app on Quest devices

Steps to add the Meta Quest 'First Steps' app as an Unmanaged App and add it to ArborXR Home or ArborXR Kiosk Mode.

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For many first-time users, virtual reality is a brand-new experience, and can be daunting to know where to start. For many companies, using Meta Quest devices for VR makes the most sense. To help ease users into the experience of using the various aspects of VR, Meta has created a helpful introductory application - First Steps.

Some applications like Meta’s “First Steps” come pre-installed on the headset or are only available through a device’s app store. If you want to use an app like this in ArborXR Kiosk Mode or ArborXR Home, you can do so as an Unmanaged App. You can learn more about Unmanaged Apps here.


  1. Quest device(s) set up with a unique Meta account per headset

    1. Unique Meta accounts prevent the appearance of Meta's "Multiple devices can't access this app at the same time" message.

  2. USB Debugging is enabled on your Quest Device(s).

Set up First Steps as an Unmanaged App

To set First Steps as an Unmanaged App, the following will need to be completed:

  1. Install First Steps on each headset.

  2. Add First Steps as an Unmanaged App on the Web Portal.

  3. Add the First Steps app to your device’s Headset Experience.

Quest devices are Android-based and we’ll first need the application’s Android Package Name. Most Android applications follow an obvious naming structure (e.g. Beat Saber’s package name is com.beatgames.beatsaber). However, in some cases, the package name may differ slightly. In the case of First Steps, it does not follow a discernible pattern, which we'll discuss in Step 2 below.

We’ve provided some easy-to-follow steps below to get the First Steps app added as an available application in your team’s Quest headsets on ArborXR! To view the step, simply click the arrow next to it.

Step 1 - Install the First Steps app

We'll need to be in the Quest Home Environment to download the First Steps app, if you are in ArborXR Home, temporarily exit Arbor XR Home or ArborXR Kiosk Mode.

The app will need to be installed on each headset that will need the application.

  1. In the lower Universal Bar, click the Store icon.

  2. Click the search bar at the top and search for ‘first steps’.

  3. Click on the First Steps app.

  4. Click Install.

  5. Once downloaded, it will say Open, but do not click it as we’ll open the app later in ArborXR.

  6. You can quickly return to ArborXR Home or ArborXR Kiosk Mode. The Quest Home Environment should no longer appear and you should see ArborXR Home or your team’s application.

    Repeat this on each headset - the First Steps app is now ready on your headsets!

Step 2 - Add First Steps as an Unmanaged App

  1. From the Web Portal ( log into your ArborXR account, and click Content Library.

  2. Click Add Content.

  3. Click Unmanaged App.

  4. Fill out the details for the app:

    1. Title (You can title this whatever you wish!)

    2. Platform Compatibility - select which device types will show the app as available to add in the Headset Experience in the Group or Ungrouped Device.

    3. Package Name - Take note of the version you installed above in Step 1! These package names are also in our APK Package Names Google Sheet.

      1. First Steps - available for Quest 3, Pro, and original Quest (not the Quest 2)

        1. com.oculus.MontereySetup

      2. First Steps for Quest 2 - available for Quest 3, Pro, 2 (not the original Oculus Quest)

        1. com.oculus.MiramarSetupRetail

  5. Click Add App.

Finally, let’s add the First Steps Unmanaged App to your headsets!

Step 3 - Add the First Steps app to your device’s Headset Experience

  1. From the Web Portal ( log into your ArborXR account, and click Devices & Groups.

  2. Locate the desired Group to which you wish to add the First Steps app. Alternatively, you can click the Ungrouped Devices section to manage devices that have not been added to a Group.

  3. Click Headset Experience.

  4. Click Unmanaged Apps.

  5. From the available list, either search by name or scroll down to your First Steps entry and click the checkbox next to it.

  6. Click Apply Changes.

You’ve now added First Steps as an app to ArborXR Home or ArborXR Kiosk Mode!

If you have any questions, contact ArborXR Support via the Messenger in the lower-right corner of the Web Portal!

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