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Temporarily Exit ArborXR Kiosk Mode

Steps to exit Kiosk Mode temporarily to access the device's native home environment.

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πŸ’‘Temporarily exiting ArborXR Kiosk Mode to access the device's native home environment is a useful feature as this enables the management of device settings that cannot be managed directly within ArborXR Kiosk Mode. For example, enabling or disabling Meta Quest's hand tracking functionality.

Exit ArborXR Kiosk Mode

  1. Press on the home button (a) on the right hand controller or (b) on the headset to open ArborXR's quick access menu.

  2. Select Advanced Settings (cog icon) in the top left corner.

    1. If an admin PIN is not enforced: select View Advanced Settings.

    2. If an admin PIN is enforced: select Unlock Advanced Settings then enter the admin PIN and click Unlock Settings.

  3. Select Exit ArborXR Home.

  4. Select Continue.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: Upon exiting, ArborXR's Kiosk Mode enforcement will be deactivated, including overriding the home button, until the ArborXR Home app is manually re-launched.

Return to ArborXR Kiosk Mode

Meta Quest Devices

On Meta's Quest devices, starting in Quest firmware v55, Meta added a For work section of the dropdown, in addition to the Unknown sources folder in the Quest App Library. To locate the ArborXR Home app, do the following:

  1. Click App Library (bottom bar in Quest Home Environment).

  2. Click the All dropdown in top-right.

  3. Click Unknown sources OR For work (may also show as Company managed).

    • In previous versions of Quest OS, there is a search bar in the top-middle. If you only see a search bar, click the search bar to expose the All dropdown, then click either the Unknown sources or For work sections.

  4. Once located, click the ArborXR Home entry to return to the ArborXR Home app.

πŸ’‘ ArborXR does not have the ability to control where applications are displayed in the App Library on Quest devices. However, they should display in either of the sections mentioned above. If you are unable to locate the ArborXR Home application, you may need to re-enroll the device on using our Device Setup App. You can simply run the setup (no factory reset required) using this guide.

Non-Quest devices

ArborXR's ArborXR Home app should be available from the device's respective 'app library'. If you aren't able to locate your device's respective app library, refer to the device manufacturer's website for further assistance.​

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