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How to disable the Boundary on Meta Quest Devices
How to disable the Boundary on Meta Quest Devices

Steps to disable the boundary on Meta Quest devices

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For users who have their Meta Quest set in developer mode, there is an option to disable the Boundary system in your Quest’s device’s Settings. This can be particularly useful for developers or advanced users who require it to be disabled for their VR experience. Below are the steps to disable the Meta Quest device’s Boundary.

How to disable the Quest Boundary

NOTE: The option to disable the Guardian boundary is only available in developer mode. If you're not in developer mode, this option will not be visible.

Access Full Settings Menu:

  • Power on your Oculus Quest and put on the headset.

  • Open the 'Settings' menu by clicking on the 'Settings' gear icon.

  • At the bottom menu bar in the Quest Home, click on ‘See All’ to expand the full settings menu.

Navigate to Developer Tab:

  • Within the full settings menu, locate and select the 'Developer' tab. This tab is only available if your headset is in developer mode.

Disable the Guardian Boundary System:

  • In the 'Developer' tab, you will find a switch for the 'Guardian' system.

  • Toggle this switch off to disable the Guardian boundary. This will keep the position 6DoF tracking active but remove the visible boundary limits.

NOTE: Disabling the Boundary in developer mode allows for a more flexible VR experience, especially for development and testing purposes. Remember to use this feature responsibly, as disabling the Boundary can affect your physical safety during VR sessions.

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