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How to disable the Boundary on Meta Quest Devices
How to disable the Boundary on Meta Quest Devices

Steps to disable the boundary on Meta Quest devices

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For users who have their Meta Quest set in developer mode, there is an option to disable the Boundary system in your Quest’s device’s Settings. This can be particularly useful for developers or advanced users who require it to be disabled for their VR experience. Below are the steps to disable the Meta Quest device’s Boundary.

How to disable the Quest Boundary

Steps to Disable the Boundary

  1. Exit ArborXR Home or Kiosk Mode

    • Open the Settings menu.

    • Select Exit ArborXR Home.

  2. Navigate to Meta OS Settings

    • Once you have exited ArborXR Home, go to the Meta Quest home screen.

    • Select Settings

  3. Access Developer Settings

    • In the Settings menu, select System.

    • Choose Developer Settings.

  4. Enable Custom Settings

    • In the Developer Settings menu, find and enable Custom Settings.

    • Disable Physical Space Features

    • Toggle off the Physical Space Features.

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