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Cast PICO Devices using PICO's "Screencast" App
Cast PICO Devices using PICO's "Screencast" App

Steps to cast PICO devices using PICO's "Screencast" app while devices are configured to ArborXR Home.

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  1. Create an unmanaged app for the PICO Screencast app. The package name for this app is com.pvr.picocast.

    💡 For more information on unmanaged apps, see this article.

  2. Navigate to the device/group and ensure the PICO Screencast app is added as an unmanaged app under Headset Experience > Unmanaged Apps.

  3. Put on the headset and launch the PICO Screencast app shown in ArborXR Home.

  4. Accept the Start Screencast prompt within VR.

  5. Select between Cast to SmartTV or Cast to Browser.

  6. If you select Cast to Browser, navigate to the browser on the device you are casting to and enter the Screencast web address.

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