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Configure PICO System Settings
Configure PICO System Settings

Steps to configure PICO devices' system settings within ArborXR.

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💡 For PICO devices, select system settings can be remotely configured via the ArborXR web portal.

  1. Navigate to the individual ungrouped device or device group in question.

  2. Select System from the sub navigation menu.

  3. Configure the following settings as desired. By default, these settings are configured to Not Managed by ArborXR.

    • Boundary. The experience Boundary is an important health and safety feature of VR headsets. Disabling the feature may increase the risk of injury or property damage. The Boundary should only be disabled for stationary experiences.

    • Automatically Power on While Charging. Automatically power on devices while they’re charging.

    • Keep Wi-Fi Connected in Sleep Mode. Keep devices connected to Wi-Fi® while in sleep mode.

    • Turn Screen Off After. Select how long the screen will remain active when inactive.

    • Put System to Sleep After. Select how long the system will remain on when inactive.

    • Eye Tracking Refresh Rate (PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye only). Configure the desired eye tracking refresh rate for PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye. Only supported on PUI 4.

    • Automatic IPD Adjustment (PICO 4 Enterprise only). The device will automatically detect new headset users and start the inter-pupillary distance setup.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

💡 Upon clicking Apply Changes, the specified configuration will be applied to devices the next time they come online and connect to ArborXR's servers.

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