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How to launch WebXR Links in Wolvic
How to launch WebXR Links in Wolvic

Steps on how to setup VR Browser, Wolvic, to launch WebXR Links within ArborXR Home

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If Wolvic is installed on devices, webXR links launched via ArborXR Home will open in the Wolvic browser instead of the device's native browser.

Why Wolvic?

  1. Wolvic supports kiosk mode so users can't navigate away from the webXR experience and browse the web. Native browsers, like Quest Browser and PICO Browser, do not support kiosk mode.

  2. On Meta Quest OS v55 and higher, you cannot enter "VR Mode" on the Quest browser when WebXR links are launched via ArborXR.

Install Wolvic to Devices

  1. Download the Wolvic .apk (Download the Gecko Based version, the Chromium Based version does not yet support immersive video).

  2. Upload the Wolvic .apk to your ArborXR Content Library.

  3. Install Wolvic to devices.

  4. Within Headset Experience > ArborXR Home > Managed Apps, uncheck the checkbox next to the Wolvic app. This will hide the Wolvic app in ArborXR Home. Users can launch the WebXR Link shortcuts displayed in ArborXR Home to open the web link in a 'kiosked' window within Wolvic.

โš ๏ธ On PICO Neo 3 and PICO G3, controllers are not rendering in Wolvic so users cannot interact with the webXR experience. This is not a bug with ArborXR and instead is a bug with Wolvic. We have notified Wolvic of this issue and encourage others to do likewise.

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