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Remote Device Enrollment Options
Remote Device Enrollment Options

Steps and options to enroll supported devices on ArborXR in remote locations.

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In some cases, you may have devices in remote locations that require another person to get them enrolled in your ArborXR organization to be managed. ArborXR provides a few options to help your team get your devices enrolled in your ArborXR organization.

Remote Enrollment Options

πŸ’‘ If using Quest 2 devices, the device will need to be in Developer Mode and your team will need to share or the enrolling individual will need to have an existing Meta account associated with a Meta Developer Organization that your team has in order to pair the Meta account to the Quest headset and enable Developer Mode. To enable Developer Mode on Quest devices, you can share our Developer Mode & USB Debugging on Meta Quest Devices article.

First, ensure they have the latest version of our Device Setup App. Once they have the Device Setup App installed, either of the following options will provide your team with a means to enroll remotely distributed devices in your ArborXR organization:

Device Setup App

Option 1 - Create and distribute a Configuration Package (Group Enrollment Only)

  1. Generate a configuration package from the ArborXR Web Portal.

  2. Once generated, you can provide the remote user access to the configuration package by either:

    1. Clicking on the Link icon to copy the download URL for the configuration package.

    2. Clicking on the Download icon to download the configuration package ZIP file.

  3. From there, you can share the configuration package link or ZIP file directly with the offsite individual.

  4. Once they have the associated ZIP file, they can use the Device Setup App to provision the package to the device.

Option 2 - Create and share a Device Setup App User account

πŸ’‘ If setting up a new ArborXR account for the Device Setup App User, ensure the account is created using a valid email address as a verification email will be sent.

  1. Using the Device Setup App User User Role, either add the individual to your organization or use an existing Device Setup App User.

  2. Instruct the user to log into the Device Setup App. Depending on the device type, they can reference the accompanying Device Setup Help Article in our Device Enrollment via Device Setup App Collection.

QR Code Enrollment

πŸ’‘ QR Code Enrollment is supported on select devices. To learn more about ArborXR's supported devices with the QR Code Enrollment feature, click here.

  1. Once generated, you can provide the remote user access to the QR code by either:

    1. Clicking on the Download icon to download a .png of the QR code and sharing the QR code image file.

    2. Set up the remote user with an ArborXR account with the Member User Role or a Custom Role (Essential and Enterprise Plan only) to log into ArborXR. Once logged in, they'll click Groups > [Desired Group Name] > Enrollment, then the Expand icon to open the QR code on their machine to scan with a supported device.

  2. Share the instructions for the respective device with the individual enrolling the device:

πŸ’‘ If the device does not immediately appear Connected within the ArborXR Web Portal after completing the QR Code Enrollment process, the ArborXR Client app must first make it’s initial connection to our backend. This can take 1-2 minutes after completion of the enrollment process.

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