Generate Configuration Packages & Provision to Devices

Provision apps, files, and settings to devices during enrollment via the Device Setup App.

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A configuration package is a .zip file generated from a device group that can contain the group's apps, files, WiFi networks, and device settings.

By generating a configuration package and pointing to it during device enrollment, devices will be provisioned with the contents of the configuration package during device enrollment into ArborXR.

⚠️ .obb files are currently not supported as part of Configuration Packages.

πŸ’‘ While apps, files, WiFi networks, and device settings will be remotely provisioned to devices via WiFi once the devices are enrolled, leveraging configuration packages enables provisioning to be done during enrollment via USB-C thereby saving time and network bandwidth.

Generate the Configuration Package

  1. Upload apps & files to your organization's library (skip to Step 2, if apps/files already added).

    • For more information on uploading apps to ArborXR, click here.

    • For more information on uploading files to ArborXR, click here.

  2. Create a device group and configure relevant apps, files WiFi network(s), and device settings (skip to Step 3, if Group already present and configured).

    • For more information on creating and configuring device groups, please see this section on Groups. Ignore step 3 on adding devices given this will happen programmatically as part of provisioning the group's configuration package to devices.

  3. Within the device group, navigate to Settings.

  4. Select Enrollment

  5. Under Configuration Packages, select Build New.

  6. Select what to include in the configuration package then click Generate.

    πŸ’‘ Note: It is recommend to add a WiFi configuration to the group and include this in the configuration package, as this ensures that devices are provisioned with WiFi as part of the initial device setup.

    ⚠️ .obb files are currently not supported as part of Configuration Packages.

    If the device group you're generating a configuration package for contains an app that has an .obb file, do not include 'Apps' in your selection. When the device comes online, it will install apps remotely over WiFi.

  7. Once generated, you will receive an email notification containing a link to download the configuration package.

⚠️ Once generated, the configuration package's download link will expire after 1 year.

πŸ’‘ Once a configuration package has been generated, the following options are available:

  1. Copy the download link by clicking on the link icon.

  2. Download the package by clicking on the download icon.

  3. Extend the expiration date of the download link by 1 year by clicking on the refresh icon.

  4. Delete the package by clicking on the trash bin icon.

Provision the Configuration Package to Devices

  1. Ensure the configuration package is downloaded to the PC being used to provision devices.

  2. Ensure USB debugging is enabled on devices.

    • On some devices, such as Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, this requires developer mode to be enabled.

    • On other devices, such as Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico 4 Enterprise, and HTC VIVE Focus 3, USB debugging is enabled by default and no further action is required.

    • For more information on enabling USB debugging and developer mode, see this collection of knowledge base articles.

  3. Tether devices to the PC via USB-C and accept any in-VR prompts if your device requires it.

  4. Download the Device Setup App.

    1. Alternatively, if you don't have an ArborXR account, download and install the respective version below for your computer.

  5. Launch the Device Setup App then select Provision with Configuration Package.

  6. Select the configuration package from your system file browser.

    πŸ’‘ Note: After selecting the configuration package in step 6, it will take a few minutes for the Device Setup App to extract and read the contents of the package. During this time you will continue to see the log in page.

  7. Once the configuration package has been extracted, select the checkbox for your device then click Set Up

  8. Once the set up completes successfully, click the Manage Device button to be redirected to the ArborXR portal and to the device's overview page.

πŸ’‘ The larger the size of the configuration package, for example if it contains large .apk or video files, the longer it will take to set up and provision devices.


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