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Set Up Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro Devices
Set Up Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro Devices

Steps to set up Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro devices using ArborXR's Device Setup App.

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💡 NOTE: ArborXR does not support Meta's Multiple Accounts and App Sharing feature. To ensure seamless setup with ArborXR, it is recommended to remove any additional accounts added by the primary Meta account user.

  1. Download and install ArborXR's Device Setup App.

    • For steps on how to download and install the Device Setup App, see this article.

  2. Enable developer mode & debug mode on the device.

    • For steps on how to enable developer mode & debug mode on Quest devices, see this article.

  3. Connect your device(s) to the PC via USB-C.

    💡Use a USB hub to set up devices in bulk.

  4. Put on the headset and within VR you will see two prompts one after the other:

    1. Accept USB debugging? Select Always allow from this computer.

    2. Allow connected device to access files? Select Allow.

  5. Take off the headset and launch ArborXR's Device Setup App and login with your ArborXR account. Once logged in, select the organization which you’d like to add the device(s) to.

    ⚠️ If you’re provisioning via Configuration Package, do not log in. Please follow this guide on how to provision via Configuration Package.

    • If you see the status Pending ADB Authorization in the Device Setup app after accepting these prompts in VR, put on the headset again to confirm the prompts have been accepted. It's possible the USB-C cable was momentarily jostled enough to break the connection and thus re-prompt the user.

  6. Enter a Title for the device (optional).

  7. Select the checkbox for your device(s) then select the Set Up button.

  8. Choose a Setup Method:

    1. Device Group - The device will be enrolled into an existing device group of your choice. Any settings configured to the group, including Wi-Fi, will be provisioned to the device via USB-C as part of the device setup. It is recommended to add Wi-Fi configuration(s) to the group ahead of device setup to automate the networking process. The group's apps and files will download and install to the device over Wi-Fi once the device comes online.

      💡 Device Groups are a way to provision a defined set of apps, files, and settings to multiple devices at once. For more detailed information, please visit our Device Groups collection of articles.

    2. Enroll Only - The device will be added to your ArborXR dashboard for management but no further actions will take place.

  9. Click on the Set Up button.

  10. Once the setup completes successfully, click the Manage Device button to be redirected to the ArborXR portal and to the device's overview page.

💡 NOTE: Meta requires logging in to your Meta account as part of setting up the device. This is problematic as Android accounts prevent the installation of a MDM client application such as ArborXR. To get around this issue, ArborXR has implemented UI automation as part of the device set up process such that accounts are removed without manual intervention within VR. At times, the UI automation could fail for a number of reasons, including if the device is not kept awake during the set up process. In this scenario, you may encounter an install error in the device set up app.

The solution is to simply retry, and for good measure block the headset sensor as to keep the device awake. If the set up repeatedly fails despite multiple attempts, accounts can be manually removed within VR by following these steps.

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