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How to manage WiFi on devices with randomized MAC Addresses
How to manage WiFi on devices with randomized MAC Addresses

Prevent your ArborXR-managed devices from defaulting to randomized MAC addresses when setting up WiFi networks.

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MAC address randomization is enabled by default on certain devices such as Meta Quest 3 and VIVE Focus 3, which can interfere with network filtering that relies on static MAC addresses.

Unfortunately, Android restrictions prevent third-party applications, including ArborXR, from disabling MAC randomization on these devices.

To manage network connections effectively on devices with permanent MAC randomization, there are two options:

  1. Manual Connection: Directly connect the device to your Wi-Fi network via the device's system settings. To change this on your devices:

    1. Remove any non-certificate Wi-Fi network configurations set up through ArborXR.

    2. After removing the configuration, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

    3. Connect the device to the same WiFi network from the device’s Settings, then set the setting in the WiFi network to use the 'device MAC'. This should prevent the device from defaulting to the 'randomized MAC'.

  2. Certificate-based Provisioning: Use ArborXR's support for certificate-based WiFi provisioning to ensure reliable network access. For detailed guidance on alternative WiFi configuration options, see our Supported WiFi Configurations help article.

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