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How to clear the Device Setup App's Cache

Troubleshooting steps to clear the Device Setup App's cache to help with device enrollment challenges.

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When enrolling new devices, you may come across a situation where you encounter challenges enrolling your devices. Provided Developer Mode/USB Debugging has been properly enabled for your respective device and there are no known issues with network connectivity or device-specific issues, the following steps may help resolve some issues with device enrollment with our Device Setup App.

⚠️ NOTE: You may be required to have administrator privileges on your computer to perform these actions. If you are using an enterprise-managed computer (e.g., a work computer or a device provided by your organization), consult with your IT team to ensure that the Device Setup App has the necessary permissions to function correctly.

Clearing the Device Setup App's Cache

  1. First, quit the Device Setup app.

  2. From you computer's file manager (File Explorer - Windows / Finder - macOS), navigate to the end of the file path below for your respective computer OS below (I've included both for reference) and delete the folder at the end of the file path only:

    1. Windows: C:\ProgramData\ArborXR (you will need to allow access to Hidden Files in Windows to view the ProgramData folder)

      1. Within the Windows File Explorer, click the C:\ drive.

      2. With Hidden Files enabled, double-click on the ProgramData folder.

      3. Locate the ArborXR folder and delete it.

    2. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/app.xrdm.pairing

      1. To locate the Library folder, with the Finder as the foreground app:

        1. Click the Go menu next to the Finder menu.

        2. With the Go menu open, on your keyboard click the Option key, then click Library to open a Finder window.

        3. Click through each folder until you reach the Application Support folder.

        4. Locate the app.xrdm.pairing folder and delete it.

Once you have deleted the respective folder above from your computer for the Device Setup App's cache, re-open the Device Setup App and try enrolling your device once more.

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