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How to Resolve the "One or more accounts" Error in the Device Setup App
How to Resolve the "One or more accounts" Error in the Device Setup App

Steps to resolve the "One or more accounts have been added to the Android user on the device" error in the Device Setup App.

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While setting up devices with ArborXR you may get the error, One or more accounts have been added to the Android user on the device.

⚠️ This is problematic as device ownership - which ArborXR's Client app requires to manage the device - can only be granted when no accounts have been added to the Android user.

Meta Quest Devices

Meta requires connecting a Meta account as part of setting up the Quest. As part of this, the following accounts may have been added to the device:

  • Facebook

  • Facebook SSO

  • Meta

  • Oculus

⚠️ While ArborXR's Device Setup App is programmed to automatically remove up to four accounts, the setup will fail if you have more than four accounts on the device. For example, certain apps like Rec Room and VRChat add accounts to the device so if you have these apps installed it is expected that the setup will result in the "One or more accounts have been added to the Android user on the device." error.

The solution

  1. Run the following adb command with your Quest device tethered via USB-C to your PC:
    adb shell am start -n '$AccountDashboardActivity'

    • Alternatively, if the above command yields an error, try the following: adb shell monkey -p -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

  2. Put on the headset and within VR you will see a similar settings menu. This menu appears overlayed on top of the Quest home background environment.

    💡If you do not see the settings menu within VR, it is likely because the device does not detect a boundary, and as such the boundary UI is showing in place of the Settings menu UI. Please ensure a boundary is drawn then re-run the adb command from Step 1.

  3. Scroll down till you see the menu item Password and accounts and click it to enter the Accounts section.

  4. Click into each account one at a time then click Remove Account.

    • Note: All Meta, Facebook, and/or Oculus accounts that might be listed must be removed as well.

  5. Take off the headset and go back to the Device Setup App. Disconnect then reconnect the Quest device(s) to your PC. The error message will go away.

  6. Click on the Set Up button within the Device Setup App once more. Now that the accounts have been temporarily removed, the setup will complete successfully.

All Other Devices (Including Android Phones & Tablets)

Certain apps and services require you to create an account and therefore add these accounts to the Android user.

The solution

  1. Uninstall any apps that required you to create an account or remove the accounts via device settings.

  2. Disconnect then reconnect the device(s) to your PC then click Set Up.

  3. After the device's installation of ArborXR is successful, reinstall the apps that were uninstalled in Step 1 and log back into them.

Examples of apps and services that add accounts on Android phones & tablets

  • Google

  • Microsoft Office

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Airbnb

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