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Grant ArborXR Permission to Scan for Wi-Fi on Meta Quest
Grant ArborXR Permission to Scan for Wi-Fi on Meta Quest

Steps to grant ArborXR permission to scan for Wi-Fi on Quest devices running v57 and higher.

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A recent Meta OS update, v57, updated the Android version of the device. This revoked several permissions that were previously granted to ArborXR. As a result, Quest devices running v57 or later will not be able to view or connect to Wi-Fi networks within ArborXR Home.

Impacted Devices

Devices that were enrolled in ArborXR prior to updating to v57 are impacted.

Devices that are updated to v57 prior to enrolling into ArborXR are not impacted as our Device Setup App can grant the necessary permissions via adb during the initial enrollment process.

While this may impact non-Quest devices in the future, right now these steps only apply to Meta Quest devices running version 57 or higher.

Steps to Grant Permission

  1. In ArborXR Home navigate to Settings.

  2. Observe the pending Wi-Fi permission notification, Grant Wi-Fi Permission. Click Update.

  3. An ArborXR dialog will open, ArborXR requires additional permissions to function. Click Grant Permission.

  4. A system dialog will open, Allow this app to access this device's aproximate location? Click Allow.

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