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Identify Android Package Names in SideQuest
Identify Android Package Names in SideQuest

Steps to identify Android Package Names in Sidequest, as to leverage ArborXR's unmanaged apps feature.

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If your organization is leveraging pre-installed or store downloaded applications, and if would like to add these apps to ArborXR Home or designate one for Kiosk Mode, identifying the Android package name is a necessary precursor.

💡 NOTE: You can gather the more commonly requested APK Package Names from our Google Sheet here.

To identify the package name, tether your headset to a computer, where you will run an Android Device Bridge (ADB) command. If you're unfamiliar with ABD commands, we recommend a program called SideQuest which provides a user interface for running these commands.

  1. Download and install SideQuest's Advanced Installer (LTS).

  2. Once SideQuest is installed on your computer, open it then click on the Run ADB Commands button.

  3. Select Custom Command.

  4. Once there, paste one of the following code blocks below into the text box and click Run Command.

    1. adb shell pm list packages -3. This will display the names of all non-system 3rd party applications currently installed on the device.

    2. adb shell pm list packages -s. This will display the names of all system applications installed on the device, including the device's native browser and file explorer apps.

  5. Scroll down through the packages until you find your desired application (example highlighted below). The desired app you’re looking for will likely follow a similar format. Support will need a package name for each app you wish to allow. The package name typically follows the following format:

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