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Migrating Files from Android/data/
Migrating Files from Android/data/

Android 11+ prevents ArborXR from installing files to Android/data/

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It is a common development practice to manage the asset files of an application separately from the .apk itself as this allows for greater flexibility, efficiency, and scalability in the development and maintenance of Android applications. Typically, these asset files are installed to Android/data/{}, which is the location of the application's internal storage.

This development practice is supported by ArborXR as users can upload asset files to ArborXR separately from the .apk and then install these asset files to a specific location on the device.

However, since the release of Android 11, Android has restricted 3rd party applications, including ArborXR and any other MDM, from installing files to other applications' internal storage (i.e. Android/data/{}).

Currently the device models impacted by this are the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Lenovo VRX and Android tablets as these devices are on Android 12 (or later). Even if you do not use Meta Quest, Lenovo VRX, or Android tablets in your deployment, it is strongly recommend to prepare for a future where access to Android/data/{} is restricted as it is only a matter of time before PICO, HTC, Magic Leap, and other OEMs update their operating system to Android 12+.

Migration Options

Option 1: Recommended if the total size of all asset files is under 4GB

Bundle asset files into a .obb file then upload the .obb file to ArborXR alongside your .apk. For more information about managing .obb files with ArborXR, see this help article.

⚠️ The .obb file cannot be larger than 4GB. This is because the Android operating system often uses the FAT32 file system and this file system has a maximum file size limit of 4GB, meaning no single file, including an .obb file, can be larger than 4GB.

Option 2: Recommended if the total size of all asset files exceeds 4GB

  1. Pick a new destination for your application's asset files. We recommend Android/obb/{}.

    • With this option, asset files are installed separately rather than being bundled into a single .obb file, allowing each individual asset file to be up to 4GB in size.

  2. Update your applications to no longer read from the old Android/data/{} location and instead read from the Android/obb/{} location.

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