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Admin PIN behavior

Steps to enable, utilize, and manage the Admin PIN within ArborXR Home.

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If an Admin PIN has been configured as to restrict access to Advanced Settings, users will be prompted to enter the 4 to 10 digit numeric PIN upon selecting the cog icon. When the launch method of devices has been configured to ArborXR Home, Advanced Settings can be accessed in two places:

  1. Via the main app menu by selecting the cog icon below the app menu UI.

  2. Via the quick access menu by selecting the cog icon in the top right hand corner. The quick access menu opens on pressing the home button (a) on the right hand controller or (b) on the headset.

Enter Admin Mode

Upon entering the correct PIN, users will be in Admin Mode and will be able to access all settings within Advanced Settings, including the option to exit ArborXR Home and access the device's native home environment.

Figure 1: Enter Admin PIN

Figure 2: Advanced Settings

Exit Admin Mode

Users can exit Admin Mode by either clicking on the red lock icon towards the bottom right hand corner of the UI or by rebooting the device

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