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ArborXR Home Changelog

A log of the most recent new features, changes, improvements and bug fixes for ArborXR's Home app.

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💡 For tips on how to identify the version of ArborXR's home app installed on devices, see this article.

Build 2024.21.0



  • Support for custom 3D environments in ArborXR Home using the obb files workflow.


  • Missing localized UI text in the Wi-Fi network settings panel.

  • Dutch localizations for the "Exit ArborXR Home" button and pop-up were not being applied.

Build 2024.19.0



  • Romanian language support added to ArborXR Home.

Build 2024.17.0



  • Dutch localization errors.

Build 2024.10.0



  • Dutch localization added to ArborXR Home.


  • Keyboard has been scaled up so the buttons are the same size as the dock.

Build 2024.8.0



  • Mixed Reality Mode would cause the menu to ignore user recenter until Mixed Reality Mode disabled.

  • The app version was not displaying in the ArborXR Home quick access menu.

  • Ultraleap hand tracking support on PICO devices.


  • Modified gaze behaviour on PICO platforms to use a timed click instead of headset button press.

Build 2024.6.0



  • Updated the browser user agent used for SSO.

Build 2024.5.0



  • Wi-Fi button in the SSO screen.


  • SSO binding error and white screen error on user log out.

Build 2024.3.0



  • Modified UI repositioning behaviour in mixed reality mode to ignore user rotation.

Build 2023.51.0



  • The custom 360º background was used as the skybox for the 3D Lounge instead of replacing the Lounge altogether.

Build 2023.50.0



  • Mixed Reality Mode in ArborXR Home on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3.


  • On PICO devices, two controllers would be displayed when in a native menu like bluetooth or casting.

  • While playing a 360º video, if the user puts the device down to sleep and resumes, the lounge was imposed over the 360º video.

  • While playing a 360º video, if the user looked around the video would automatically re-center.

Build 2023.49.0



  • A notification will be displayed when a PICO PUI firmware update is ready to install.

  • Menu following behaviour to ensure user is at an optimal distance and angle with reference to the menu interface.

  • Video title audio codec parser for quick work around to get spatial audio settings.


  • Videos automatically close upon completion.

  • Updated AVPro plugin from version 2.5.5 to 2.8.5f1 Ultra with spatial audio support.

  • Unity upgraded from version 2019.4.26f to 2021.3.27f

  • Oculus SDK upgraded from version 0.39.0 to 0.56.0

  • PICO SDK upgraded from version 1.2.4 to 2.1.5

💡 Due to updating the PICO and Oculus SDKs, ArborXR Home development has ceased for legacy devices including Oculus Quest 1, Oculus for Business devices, PICO G24K, PICO Neo 2 and HTC VIVE Focus. The latest version for these legacy device models is 2023.49.0.


  • When accessing WiFi settings from Quick Access, the Content button would remain highlighted in the dock.

  • SSO dimmer had a gap on the bottom.

  • PICO G3 camera height was to high above the 3D lounge floor.

  • PICO G3 battery controller status icon for only the connected controller.

  • PICO controller battery status was incorrect.

  • Filtering content would sometimes result in empty content tiles.

  • DPVR video resolution needed to be limited to 480p to play higher res 360 videos.

Build 2023.41.0



  • Filtering content in ArborXR Home would sometimes result in empty content tiles.

  • PICO G3 height/position in 3D home environment, resulting in users finding themselves beneath the floor of ArborXR Lounge.

Build 2023.40.0



  • Meta Quest devices already provisioned to the platform prior to the v57 firmware upgrade, may need to grant permissions related to WiFi scanning via the Arbor Home app.

Build 2023.39.0



  • Performance optimizations for constantly updated UI elements.


  • The previously launched app may appear within the pause menu after remote launching an application.

  • If an application was closed externally to the launcher, user would be presented with black screen upon returning to the launcher.

Build 2023.37.0



  • SSO login page would momentarily show a default website intead of a blank page.


  • SSO browser data now additionally cleared when restarting the SSO login process.

Build 2023.34.0



  • Lenovo VRX support


  • When launching quick access from within content app, content menu was briefly visible

Build 2023.32.1



  • ArborXR Lounge, our new 3D VR environment for ArborXR Home.


  • When launching quick access with only a single app enabled, kiosk mode quick access options layout would appear.

Build 2023.30.0



  • Resolution would intermittently degrade after waking from sleep.


  • Scene optimizations to increase performance and decrease loading times after a reboot.

Build 2023.27.0



  • Screen recording functionality on supported platforms.

  • Screen recording shortcut from ArborXR Home pause menu.

  • Joystick scrolling on all scrollable panels.


  • Apps would remain in ArborXR Home if an error was encountered during installation.

  • "Reboot Device" button changed to read "Reboot" to avoid issues with overflow in Quick Access Mode.

  • "=" symbol on keyboard was unresponsive.

  • Content card layout has larger clickable areas.

  • Content card thumbnails included white borders that were showing on the top.

  • Details page thumbnail included a white border that was showing on the top.

  • Pico G24K performance improvements.

  • Organization icon sizing was too small.

Build 2023.23.0



  • Users can now grant permissions via the Home App to allow OBB installation.


  • About panel titles would sometimes wrap to two lines depending on selected localized translation.

Build 2023.21.0



  • Logging out of SSO via Quick Access menu takes you to Advanced Settings instead of SSO Login.

  • French translation for "Join" was cut off.

  • Translations for application exit options were not set.

  • Wi-Fi character limit increased from 24 characters to 34 characters.

  • Pausing an app would sometimes display the Content Menu instead of Quick Access.

  • ArborXR Home quality would sometimes degrade on Pico devices after waking up from sleep.

  • After removing all of one type of App, Video, WebXRLink, content from a device, or removing a tag from a Device, the filter for that item would remain until a power cycle was performed.

Build 2023.19.0



  • Video details view displaying incorrect video projection mode for 2D and 180 degree videos.

  • Icons appearing to be unclear or pixelated.

  • German localization of "Casting" button incorrectly translated.

  • Organization icon flickers when changing panel views.

  • "Something is missing..." message displayed and overlapped with "No result" during search.

Build 2023.17.0



  • Quick access menu shows paused app options in error following a power cycle.
    Dock displaying "Resume App" Icon instead of "Content" button until refreshed following a power cycle.

  • Kiosk mode quick access initialization delayed immediately following a power cycle.

  • Content cards no longer blocks thumbnail image, layout updated to 2 x 5.

  • Drag and scroll jerky movements are now smooth.

  • Localization not being picked up in the quick access menu.

  • In SSO-enforced mode the "Continue as Guest" button was unresponsive from the quick access menu.

  • Keyboard not immediately displaying in SSO login panel following power cycle.

Build 2023.16.0



  • Home app performance improvements.


  • Custom background not appearing immediately after reboot.

  • ArborXR Home sometimes did not load in content and instead showed the infinite loading animation.

  • Not able to remote launch a video if you are already in a video.

  • Unprompted keyboard activation after SSO guest login.

  • Kiosk mode quick access "Restart" and "Resume" buttons not appearing immediately.

Build 2023.13.0



  • Support for launching Videos and WebXR links.

  • Native video player.

  • Filter ArborXR Home by Videos and WebXR links.

  • Sounds effects on selections and hover.


  • Refreshed user interface.

Build 2023.5.0



  • VIVE wrist tracker connection and battery status in lower device and input UI.

  • Added = sign to symbolic keyboard layout.


  • Wi-Fi toggle not reflecting status correctly when first opened.

Build 2022.50.0



  • Minimum SDK version for the VIVE build variant was too high for the Focus Plus. Unity builds now require an explicit API level per build variant.

Build 2022.49.0



  • Hand tracking input for Quest, Vive Focus 3 and Pico Neo 3 with Ultraleap.

Build 2022.48.0



  • Gaze input method was broken with build 2022.47.0.

Build 2022.47.0



  • Filter applications in ArborXR Home by tags.

  • Main menu content is now hidden until loading is complete.

  • Main menu content is now sorted alphabetically.

Build 2022.43.0



  • The app now supports SSO authentication and Guest Access when the device is configured with an SSO Identity Provider.

  • Button RestartApp added to Quick Access Menu in Kiosk Mode.

  • Scroll Up and Down Buttons added to Main App View and Wifi Select scroll views.


  • Headset battery indicator now displays colors for battery levels.

Build 2022.41.0



  • Improved ArborXR keyboard layout, added Korean and Japanese support, and fixed miscellaneous issues.

Build 2022.38.0



  • Haptics for keyboard clicks on Pico and VIVE devices.

  • Logcat script for tracing internal functionality during development builds. Logs omitted from production builds.

  • If the device cannot connect to the server configured network, ArborXR Home's WiFi settings shows the error message "This is an admin configured network. Ask your admin to check the password".


  • Decreased the scroll speed in the available WiFi networks menu.

  • Filter out some of 2.X GHz WiFi networks.

  • If a network has been provisioned remotely via the web portal, the "Forget Network" button is disabled in ArborXR Home's WiFi settings.

  • The keyboard has been updated to include a number pad.

  • In the "About" menu, changed the formatting from XGB used, XGB available to XGB used out of XGB total.


  • Clicking "Cancel" would not cancel the WiFi connection attempt and the network was therefore not forgotten.

  • If WiFi settings was accessed via the quick access menu, pressing the back button in the available WiFi networks menu returned users to the app menu instead of resuming the app.

  • The application icon was not removed from ArborXR Home's app menu after uninstalling the application via the web portal.

  • Making changes to which apps (both managed or unmanaged) should be visible or hidden in ArborXR Home required a device reboot.

Build 2022.34.1



  • App icons uploaded via the web portal would not appear within the home app until after a device reboot.

  • When accessing Advanced Settings via the quick access menu, the admin PIN input and keyboard appeared behind the quick access menu.

  • Forgetting a WiFi configuration would sometimes fail.

  • Connecting to a new WiFi network could cause the previous network to be forgotten.

  • After connecting to a new WiFi network, adding subsequent networks would fail.

  • When switching WiFi networks, some parts of the UI would display the previous connection details.

  • The MAC and Randomized MAC address UI would sometimes display incorrect or placeholder values.

  • If no MAC address was known, some UI elements would be positioned incorrectly.

  • When joining a new WiFi network with an incorrect password, users were unable to retry with a different one.

Build 2022.33.0



  • Increased the timeout while attempting to connect to a WiFi network.

  • The "Applications" icon within the UI has been updated.


  • Localization to Chinese (Traditional) was not taking effect after being set via the web portal.

  • The WiFi toggle within the WiFi quick access menu was sometimes unresponsive.

  • The 'Something is missing' message would sometimes display, despite the apps library showing assigned content correctly.

Build 2022.31.0



  • General localization improvements, including some localizations for Chinese and Japanese that were missing.


  • The app library would sometimes show an infinite "Loading" state.

  • After successfully installing a newer version of an app, the app details view would display the previous version number.

Build 2022.29.0



  • The default keyboard background has been changed to add more contrast surrounding the buttons.


  • The app library would sometimes include all apps installed on the device - including those not managed or assigned via the web portal.

Build 2022.28.0



  • MAC and Randomized MAC addresses are now clearly labelled.

  • In the About menu, the 'OS Version' and 'Custom Launcher Version' labels have been changed to 'Firmware Version' and 'ArborXR Home Version'.


  • Downgrading an app would cause the appear to disappear from the app library until the device was rebooted.

  • Newly added apps would sometimes not appear in the app library until they were unassigned and reassigned to a device.

Build 2022.27.0



  • Users can now manage WiFi networks and the active connection via a custom UI.

  • If the current WiFi network comes with a captive portal, the app displays it to the user to establish the connection.

  • A "Loading..." state has been added to explain that data is still loading. Previously "Something is missing" was shown in the apps list instead.

  • A new shortcut has been added to open controller settings on Pico G2 4K devices.

  • A separate progress bar has been added for downloading, updating and installation progress.


  • The app has been renamed to ensure the app is easy to find in the default device environment's apps list.

  • In advanced settings, the exit launcher button text has been changed to mention the platform name.


  • The "X" button to close the admin PIN menu was unresponsive the first time it was opened via the quick access menu.

  • On Pico Neo 2 and Pico G2 4K devices, the currently connected network's name and MAC address were not visible after disabling and re-enabling the network.

  • Instead of displaying the MAC address, the details view for a WiFi network displayed the security type under the MAC address section.

  • The apps list was shown instead of continuing to display the quick access menu when closing the admin PIN menu via the "X" button from the quick access menu.

Build 2022.23.2



  • Support for Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean has been added.

  • ArborXR Home's background image can now be changed via the web portal.


  • The functionality to set the device locale and shut down the device has been removed. These features have been disabled and were hidden already as they require system permissions, which the client app no longer requests.


  • If a language other than English was selected, the "About" sub-menu in the advanced settings menu appeared distorted.

  • The paused app's icon shown in the quick access menu was using the wrong colors.

  • If there were more than 3 rows of apps visible in the apps menu, the logo in the bottom left corner was clipped.

  • In the apps menu, UI elements were created each time the view was displayed, which led to the rendered image not updating for a few seconds on some devices.

  • Entering the incorrect PIN from the quick access menu opened the apps menu instead of staying in the quick access menu.

  • The localizations for French, German, Italian, Spanish have been updated with various improvements.

  • The icon of the paused app displayed in the quick access menu was tinted.

  • The virtual representations of connected controllers were not visible.

  • The error message "Something is missing" was sometimes overlayed on top of the apps list.

Build 2022.14.0



  • Loading app icons when no image is provided in the web portal has been disabled as this was causing a native crash with some apps' icons.


  • The app crashed on start on Oculus for Business devices (running OS version 29).

  • The settings shortcuts found in the quick access menu didn't use the correct colors.

  • On some devices, after opening a shortcut to 2D settings like WiFi while in kiosk mode, the apps menu was briefly visible for a few seconds.

  • The "Go to Home" button was visible while in kiosk mode.

Build 2022.13.0



  • More controller buttons can now be used to interact with the UI: "A"/"X" button to select, "B"/"Y" button to go back, and thumbstick to scroll.

  • A shortcut to open Bluetooth settings can now be found in the quick access menu.


  • With an admin PIN set, the previously running app was not quit when advanced settings were accessed via the quick access menu.

  • The button to exit admin mode wasn't shown in the quick access menu.

  • The status progress bar that shows in the apps menu for apps that are installing/updating/uninstalling was using the wrong color.

  • The "Launch" button for an app was sometimes not enabled once the app was installed.

  • After an app finished installing, its image was sometimes not loaded and a fallback image was shown instead.

Build 2022.11.0



  • To increase comfort and prevent the user from feeling disoriented, the environment now comes with a virtual floor.

  • Performance optimizations have been applied to the various textures shown by the app, including the app icons.

  • To increase performance, the rendering settings have been optimized.

  • A shortcut to open Bluetooth settings has been added to the apps menu. Previously it was only visible in the sidebar of the advanced settings.


  • The eye calibration shortcut found in the quick access menu was not opening the eye calibration app.

  • The "About" section header in the settings was not localized to the current language and always displayed in English.

  • The time shown in the app did not adjust when the time zone of the device was changed.

  • The "Go to Home" button was difficult to click on.

Build 2022.8.5



  • The controller icons have been hidden for Oculus devices. Those devices do not offer information about the controller battery status.


  • The eye calibration shortcut found in the quick access menu did not react to clicks.

  • The visual style of the eye calibration shortcut button in the quick access menu was wrong.

Build 2022.8.1



  • On Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye devices, clicking on the eye calibration shortcut did nothing.

Build 2022.8.0



  • While in kiosk mode, exiting admin mode was only updating the UI accordingly. The device stayed in admin mode, which was visible to the user as soon as they came back to the custom pause menu. As such users were stuck in admin mode and had to reboot the device to exit it.

  • Settings toggles for boundary, language and time zone were visible, even though these are now only configurable from the web portal.


  • The background image has been changed to a nature scene.

  • Hand tracking is no longer required by the Custom Launcher app on Oculus devices. Previously it was mandatory and thus forced the user to turn on hand tracking in the operating system settings.

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