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Export .csv of Devices

Steps to export a Comma-separated (CSV) list of devices enrolled in your organization.

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  1. Click Devices in the navigation sidebar.

  2. Select the export icon (see highlighted icon below).

  3. You will receive an email with the link to download the file.

  4. Open the email from ArborXR and click on the Download button.

💡The export will include the following:

  • Device Name

  • Unique ArborXR ID

  • Device Group

  • Device Serial number

  • Client app version

  • Home app version

  • Device's OS version

  • Android version

  • Timestamp of the last time the device came online

  • SSID of the last known Wi-Fi network to which the device was connected

  • Device MAC address

  • Randomized MAC address

  • Original date the device was created (enrolled in ArborXR)

  • Custom fields

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