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Setup VIVE Focus 3 Devices with ArborXR Using VIVE's Batch Configuration
Setup VIVE Focus 3 Devices with ArborXR Using VIVE's Batch Configuration

Steps to setup HTC VIVE Focus 3 devices using HTC's Batch Configuration.

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ArborXR worked closely with HTC to enable HTC's batch configuration method to install ArborXR's Client and Home apps to the VIVE Focus 3 and enroll these devices to the respective customer's ArborXR organization.

While customers can use ArborXR's Device Setup App to setup devices, HTC's batch configuration is an optional alternative device setup method.

Create the JSON auth file

⚠️ The batch configuration package must include a JSON auth file containing an access token generated from the ArborXR organization you wish to enroll the devices into.

  1. Navigate to organization Settings, select Access Token in the top right, then click Create Access Token.

  2. Enter a title, check the Batch Configuration checkbox, then click Create.

  3. Copy the token value before closing.

  4. Open a text editing tool like Notepad.

  5. Input the text below into the text editing tool.

    "personalAccessToken": ""

  6. Paste the token value generated from ArborXR in step 3 between the double quotation marks "".

  7. Save the file with the filename ArborXR-Configuration.json.

Open the batch configuration package creator in VIVE Business Device Management System

  1. Log into the VIVE Business Device Management System here.

  2. From the side menu, navigate to Manage Devices.

  3. Select Batch Configuration.

  4. Select VIVE Focus 3.

  5. In the top right hand corner, click Create New to open the five step batch config creator.

Batch configuration package creation steps

Step 1: Set Permissions and Enroll Devices

  • Under Device Permissions, we recommend leaving the default selected.

  • Under Enroll Devices to VIVE Business Device Management System, we recommend selecting No as this ensures devices receive system updates automatically and are not restricted to only receiving system updates via the VIVE Business Device Management System.

Step 2: Choose Device Settings

  • General, Network, Boundary, Camera Settings, Advanced, and Customized Sign-In Header should be configured according to your organization's needs.

  • Under When installing the batch configuration package*, check the Store batch configuration package on device box if you would like to save the batch configuration package to the device. If checked, the saved configuration will be re-applied to the device in the instance of a factory reset.

Step 3: Select Apps and MDM Solution

⚠️ While VIVE Business Device Management System says this step is optional, this step is required by ArborXR as it ensures your devices are associated to your ArborXR organization

  • Under Upload, upload the apk for ArborXR Home which can be downloaded here. You can learn more about ArborXR Home here.

  • Side load, Corporate, Licensed Content, and Preloaded should be configured according to your organization's needs.

  • Under Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution:

    • Upload the ArborXR client apk which can be downloaded here.

    • Under Credentials configuration file (Optional), upload the JSON auth file. ArborXR-Configuration.json.

Step 4: Enable and Set Kiosk Mode Options

  • Leave VIVE's Kiosk Mode disabled so you can take advantage of ArborXR Home or Kiosk Mode.

  • The other settings under this step should be configured according to your organization's needs, though we recommend leaving Show System Tutorial and Show cinematic opening when play tutorial unchecked.

Step 5: Publish and Activate Package

  • Optionally add a description for the batch config package then click Publish.

Provision devices with the batch configuration package

  1. Download the batch configuration package from the VIVE Business Device Management System.

  2. Download the key from the VIVE Business Device Management System.

  3. Copy the and key directly to the root folder of the microSD card.

  4. Unbox and power on the VIVE Focus 3.

  5. Connect to a WiFi network and follow the steps in the headset to get to the HTC home environment.

  6. Insert the microSD card into the device.

  7. Initiate a factory reset by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Reset device > Reset.

  8. Upon powering on after the reset, the device will begin provisioning itself with the contents of the batch configuration package.

  9. Once the device completes provisioning, and provided it is connected to WiFi, it will appear in the ArborXR web portal, thereby indicating the enrollment was successfully completed.

⚠️ Do not place the and key in any subfolders on the microSD card. The device will not be able to detect them.

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