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How to resolve the "-116 package sign verity failed" error on PICO
How to resolve the "-116 package sign verity failed" error on PICO
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When installing certain applications on PUI 5 devices such as the PICO Neo 3 Pro and PICO 4 Enterprise, you might encounter an error related to digital rights management (DRM), -116 package sign verity failed. This error is not generated by ArborXR but by the PICO system itself. Specifically, this issue arises if the PICO system detects that an application has failed its DRM check.

  • Affected Devices: PICO Neo 3 Pro, PICO 4 Enterprise

  • Source of Error: PICO system (not ArborXR)

  • Error Trigger: Application fails DRM check by PICO system

When Does This Error Occur?

This error is encountered under the following conditions:

  1. Applications that are available for download from the PICO Store are subject to DRM checks by the PICO system.

  2. If the PICO Store is opened before the device is enrolled into ArborXR, any applications from the PICO Store that are subsequently installed remotely via ArborXR will trigger this error.

  3. This occurs even though the applications are being installed via ArborXR and not directly through the PICO Store, due to the PICO DRM check.


To resolve this error, follow these steps:

  1. Factory Reset the Device: If the PICO Store was opened before enrolling the device into ArborXR, you need to factory reset the device.

  2. Re-enroll the Device into ArborXR: After the factory reset, re-enroll the device into ArborXR.

  3. Do Not Open the PICO Store: Ensure that the PICO Store is not opened at any point before enrolling the device into ArborXR.

By following these steps, you can avoid triggering the DRM check error and ensure smooth installation of applications via ArborXR.

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