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Organizations FAQ

Frequently asked questions about organizations.

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What are organizations?

An organization in ArborXR is an instance that contains your devices, groups, content, and users.

Can I have access to multiple organizations?

Yes. ArborXR's multi-organization functionality allows eligible users to access multiple organizations and easily switch between them using a single ArborXR account.

๐Ÿ’ก Devices, groups, content, users, the identity provider (for single sign-on), the storage bucket (for content hosting), and the subscription must be configured and managed separately within each organization. Therefore, it's generally not recommended to create multiple organizations unless necessary.

When does it make sense to have multiple organizations?

For ISVs, MSPs, or solution providers: If you manage multiple clients and need to keep devices, content, and users separate for each client, it makes sense to have a separate organization for each. For more information on requesting new organizations, see this help article.

For enterprises or educational institutions: If you have VR deployed across multiple locations, business units, departments, or classrooms, use a single organization and leverage ArborXR's Nested Groups functionality. With nested groups, you can create parent groups and unlimited nested sub-groups. This allows you to model your groups after your real-world company structure and manage devices more logically. For example, create a parent group for an entire corporate division, with nested sub-groups for individual departments, locations, teams, etc. For more information on Nested Groups, see this help article.

Can organizations be nested within a parent organization?

No. An organization in ArborXR is a standalone instance. All organizations are "flat" and independent of each other.

Can I share apps with other organizations?

Yes. For more information about app sharing, see this help article.

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