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Postpone Automatic OS Updates on Meta Quest
Postpone Automatic OS Updates on Meta Quest

Steps to postpone automatic OS updates on Meta Quest by 30 days.

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Understanding the challenges that come with automatic OS updates, we've taken advantage of a new API from Meta to postpone automatic Quest updates by 30 days. This crucial window of time gives developers, including ArborXR, time to adapt and optimize applications for any new Meta OS version changes.

💡 Meta’s API only allows for postponement of automatic updates by 30 days, not disabling of OS updates altogether. Further, Meta could force an update through if they deem necessary (e.g. a security patch), even if automatic updates are postponed by 30 days.

Steps to Postpone Automatic OS Updates

  1. Navigate to the ungrouped device or configuration group in question.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Installs & Updates.

    • Under OS Updates, observe the default configuration is Not Managed by ArborXR. While in this state, OS updates are managed outside of ArborXR. Typically this means OS updates are automatic.

  4. Click on the input beneath OS Updates to open a dropdown and select Postponed for 30 Days.

  5. Scroll down and click Apply Changes to save.

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