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How can I delete an organization?
How can I delete an organization?
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πŸ’‘ Only Organization Owners can delete organizations. You are an Organization Owner of any organizations you create. You can also become an Organization Owner in organizations you did not create if you are added to them and assigned the role Organization Owner. Note that only Organization Owners can assign other users the role of Organization Owner.

To delete organizations that you are an Organization Owner of:

  1. Click on the logo in the top left hand corner of the header to open the organization switcher.

  2. Click Manage Organizations.

  3. Click on the three dot more options icon next to the organization you want to delete to open the more options menu.

  4. Click Delete.

  5. Enter your email then select Yes, Delete.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: This action permanently deletes the organization and cannot by undone. All devices and apps within the organization will be deleted. Any ArborXR accounts, including yours, not associated with a separate organization will also be permanently deleted.

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