Web Portal

The web portal is the web component of the platform. The following data is collected via the portal:

  • User's names

  • User's emails

  • User's usage analytics

    • Browser

    • Time stamp

    • OS

    • IP address

    • Session duration

    • Actions taken within the portal (e.g. clicked Apps section).

💡 NOTE: ArborXR uses Chargebee for subscription management. Any data related to billing is collected by Chargebee.

Client App

The client app is the Android software running on the device that enables users to manage their devices remotely via the ArborXR portal. The following data is collected via the client app:

Headset Information

  • Serial number

  • OS version

  • Device type

  • Battery life

  • Battery temperature

  • Battery health

  • Storage space

Network Information

  • SSID

  • Signal strength

  • Frequency

  • Link speed

  • IP address

  • MAC address

  • Randomized MAC address

Session Analytics

  • Number of sessions by app

  • Total time in apps

  • Average session duration

  • Max duration in app

Device Location

  • Based on WiFi network details

💡 NOTE: App-specific storage is secured by Android functionality. ArborXR's client app only touches app data when deploying files into the app-specific folder on external storage.

Device Setup App

The device setup app facilitates the installation of ArborXR's client app and ArborXR Home onto devices. The following data is logged for support and troubleshooting purposes:

  • Computer name

  • Computer's user domain name

  • Windows/MacOS user name

  • OS version

💡 For more information on the data collected by ArborXR and how it is processed, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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