The logo shown in the top left corner of ArborXR Home is configured at the organization level.

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings.

  2. Under Organization Icon, select Change Icon.

  3. Drag and drop the desired logo, or click Browse.

  4. Click Upload.

Background environment:

The background environment shown in ArborXR Home is configured on a per device group basis.

  1. Navigate to the device group or individual ungrouped device in question.

  2. Tab over to Settings.

  3. Select Headset Experience from the side sub-navigation menu.

  4. Select ArborXR Home.

  5. Click Configure.

  6. Tab over to Appearance.

  7. Drag and drop the desired background environment, or click Browse.

    • The maximum supported image file size is 200 MB.

  8. Click Save to close the modal.

  9. Click Apply Changes to apply to device(s).

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