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Exempt Users from Single Sign-On
Exempt Users from Single Sign-On

Steps to exempt select users from single sign-on.

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If single sign-on is configured and enforced, users can be exempted from SSO for flexible access. For example, if certain users are external to your organization or otherwise not recognized by your identity provider.

Once exempted from SSO, these users can login directly with their ArborXR credentials. This maintains security while enabling crucial external stakeholders like clients, partners and contractors to collaborate within your ArborXR instance.

With SSO exemptions, ArborXR provides the best of both worlds - streamlined internal access through SSO and seamless external access when needed.

Steps to Exempt Users from SSO

  1. Navigate to organization Settings.

  2. Select the Users tab.

  3. Observe the Authentication column. Identify the user that would like to exempt then click on the caret icon.

  4. Click on the Login Method input to open a dropdown.

  5. Change the login method from Single Sign-on to ArborXR Credentials (Email and Password).

  6. Click Confirm to apply changes.

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