1. Click Groups in the navigation sidebar.

  2. Navigate to the group in question.

  3. Select the Headset Experience tab.

  4. Select between:

    • ArborXR Home: ArborXR Home is ArborXR's VR launcher that locks down the device and prevents end users from accessing the device's home environment and stock settings. The apps and settings shown in ArborXR Home can be configured to ensure end-users only have access to what they need. Likewise, the background environment (360° image) can be customized so end-users have a branded experience within VR. For more information about ArborXR Home, see our articles in the ArborXR Home section.

    • Kiosk Mode: Kiosk mode allows only one app (the "kiosk app") to be launched upon powering on a device. This locks down the device and prevents end users from exiting the kiosk app and accessing other apps on the device. For more information about kiosk mode, see our articles in the Kiosk Mode section.

    • Device Home Environment: This is the device's default launcher (what you normally see when putting on the headset). While in this launch method, end-users have access to all apps and settings on this device.

  5. Click Apply Changes.

💡 NOTE: Upon clicking Apply Changes, the specified launch method configuration will be applied to devices the next time they come online and connect to ArborXR's servers.

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