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Update Storage Bucket Access and Secret Keys
Update Storage Bucket Access and Secret Keys

Steps to update your custom storage bucket's access and secret keys in ArborXR.

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πŸ’‘ If you have a custom storage bucket configured, you will need to rotate your access and secret keys periodically and update the corresponding values within ArborXR. If your access and secret keys expire, any content uploaded to ArborXR (apps, files and videos) will fail to install to devices with the following error:
​Deployment Error "Download failed at 0.000000% with error: HttpError Forbidden"

Steps to update secret and access keys in ArborXR:

  1. Rotate your access and secret keys within your cloud storage provider's portal.

  2. Copy the access and secret keys.

  3. Login to

  4. Navigate to Settings via the side navigation menu.

  5. Select the Storage tab.

  6. Paste the recently rotated access key value in the Access Key input.

  7. Paste the recently rotated secret key value in the Secret Key input.

  8. Click Validate.

  9. Once validation is successful, click Apply Changes.

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