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What is best practice for uploading new versions (or builds) of apps?
What is best practice for uploading new versions (or builds) of apps?

Best practice for managing multiple builds of an application within ArborXR.

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💡 ArborXR enforces Android's versioning requirements similar to app stores like the Meta Quest Store and the Google Play Store. This ensures that app data is retained between app updates. All new versions of an app must be uploaded to the existing app entry within the Apps page, rather than creating a new app entry for each new version.

  1. Navigate to Content Library in the side navigation menu.

  2. Click on the app in question to be directed to the app's overview page.

  3. Click Upload Version.

  4. Click Browse or simply drag & drop the .apk file.

    ⚠️ IMPORTANT: If your app includes an .obb file, you must upload a zipped folder containing the .apk and the .obb. For more information about .obb files, see this article.

  5. Enter release notes for the new version in the Version Notes input (optional).

  6. Click Upload.

💡 Once the upload is complete, and provided it was successfully processed without any errors, the version history table in the Versions tab will update to show that this latest version is Available. At this point, you can deploy specific versions to specific devices or groups.

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